Monday, 22 June 2009

All about the denim

Using bleach to change the surfaces of my denim is the main technique i am using.



Bleached and manipulated samples


London Fashion Week

Anatase/Scutt/Holland/Kirchhoff/Topshop Unique

I really love the pair of jeans with holes in, i dont know why i just feel in love with them.


Crisp/neutral/clean examples of clean bleaching


I like the idea of cutting certain parts of garments out interesting and think it is a possible way of working for this project.


Jean Paul Gautier

Another way of cutting into exixting garments.


I came across this sculpture by Calvin Klein, it makes me laugh the concept of placing a bunch of jeans into a ball...


Diesel Black Gold Spring: 2009

I fell in love with this dress, the colours. I like the fact that a lot is going on but it still manages to look effortlessly simple.

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