Monday, 22 June 2009

Experimenting with denim samples

I started to experiment with my denim samples, firstly by printing shapes found from the graphics on the laundry washing powder boxes. Using screens to do this, after printing onto them, i bleached parts of the denim to see if it would bleach out the dye, which gave different effects, i also painted shapes over the bleached areas, working in layers.

I want to print them out onto fabric now, either onto denim again or cotton so it is kept simple. Also i think stitching onto them would look effective, i want them to look layered up, but not too busy. I think it would also be useful to bring in other aspects of fabrics and play around with the compositions so im not just restricting myself to denim.

I thought that they looked a bit boring and plain, so i started to scan them into photoshop and carried on working in layers, adding simple based patterns and text, here are a few examples:

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